The Outreach Committee's mission is to educate K-12 students, parents, educators, and the general public by demonstrating geological and geophysical concepts and scientific methods.

Please contact Lisa Buckner at lbuckner@hess.com or 713-496-4256 if interested. There are always new events where volunteers are needed, Please check this page often for updates:

K-12 Outreach Volunteers Needed

Science and Engineering Fair of Houston

To volunteer as a Judge representing the GSH, please contact Lisa Buckner at lbuckner@hess.com or call 713-496-4256.

Each year since 1959, the Science Fair is a non-profit organization devoted to the enhancement of math and science education in junior and senior high schools. During the past 56 years, thousands of area students have benefited from our Fairs and we plan to be of greater service in the years to come. Our students need and deserve this kind of support and we invite you to get involved with these future scientists and engineers. Since no public funds are available for this activity, we rely on your financial support to continue this service. About 85% of our operating costs are paid with donations from area businesses, industries, professional societies, and foundations...
To learn more go to the official website at  http://www.sefhouston.org/ 

SCIENCE FAIR JUDGES NEEDED -Held Annually in February

What: Annual Science and Engineering Fair of Houston. since 1959
Where: University of Houston Main Campus Alumni Center

Two different types of judges are needed to evaluate the projects by 1,100 Junior and Senior High School students:

1)  At least 6 Special Award Judges will be needed to select winners for GSH Awards and a GSH Summer Research Assistant to work at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We work in teams and no previous judging experience is necessary. We will be looking specifically for projects related to geophysics. Judging will be during the afternoon session 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm. Contact Lisa Buckner at lbuckner@hess.com to volunteer.

2)  SEFH is also in need of 800 Place Award Judges, especially during the first round morning session 8:30 am – 12 Noon and also during the second round afternoon session 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm. No previous judging experience is required and you will not be expected to judge an unfamiliar category. To volunteer, fill out the Online Place Award Judge Application form.

Information regarding both types of judging (procedures, criteria, expectations and dress code) and the Online Place Award Application form can be found at
http://www.sefhouston.org in the Judges and Special Awarding Agencies section