SIG: Data Processing & Acquisition
  Mission: This special interest group provides a forum for the discussion of seismic data acquisition and processing topics such as broadband acquisition technologies, seismic data migration and inversion, etc. An expert on a particular topic normally speaks to the group and responds to questions at a monthly late afternoon meeting. Those who would like to make a presentation to the SIG should contact a SIG chairperson.

SIG: Microseismic
       Mission: The Microseismic Special Interest Group aims to provide a forum for discussion of microseismic and related technologies as they are currently being employed in the oil and gas industry. Additionally it is to inform interested professionals about research into new technologies and workflows that might affect this discipline.

SIG: Potential Fields
  Mission: The GSH Potential Fields Group promotes the use and understanding of potential fields data through its bi-monthly dinner meetings, featuring extended presentations of relevant case history studies as well as new and innovative techniques in data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Many of the group's members are also members of other geological and geophysical societies such as the HGS, AAPG, and SEG. Their participation in these organizations.

SIG: Rock Physics
  Mission: This Special Interest Group was formed in October of 2002. Meetings are held at different local venues, with one or more speakers in an afternoon meeting.

SIG: Unconventional
        Mission: This special interest group aims to provide a forum for discussion of any technology or workflow or case study having to do with unconventional oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and production, with an emphasis on geophysics and how it can be integrated with other disciplines such as geology and engineering.