GeoScience Day

GeoScience Day Provides an Industry Overview to New Employees


Geoscience Day is held annually in Houston and is sponsored by The Geophysical Society of Houston and the Houston Geological Society.  The purpose of the event is to give a high-level, broad overview of geological and geophysical methods to individuals who are new to the industry.  Planned activities consist of presentations given by experienced employees of the industry, field acquisition displays and demonstrations, modern and vintage equipment exhibits, and docent lead interpretative displays.   Technical geological and geophysical topics are addressed as well as various aspects of the commercial and political issues faced by the industry.

Through viewing the various aspects in the life of an oilfield, participants will leave with a broader knowledge of what difficulties and problems their peers in other areas must routinely solve for others to see their “finished” product, will began to understand what those in other areas may expect and rely on from the products of the participant’s work, and will gain a perspective that will help them ask or answer questions when discussing a project with experts outside their immediate expertise.

A full day of activities provides ample time for participants to meet and network with their peers and enjoy the learning experience.