A Word from the Board
October 2022

By: Rene' Mott, Treasurer

Budgets everywhere have been impacted over the past 6 years by uncertainty in Oil and Gas markets and by COVID. The Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) is no different. As Treasurer I accepted the job to steward the monies for the GSH, embracing the role with earnest. The challenge was daunting, reminding me that while the moon seemed unreachable; Armstrong walked the surface. While Mt. Everest is beyond challenging to summit; Sir Hillary conquered the peak. And Goliath was formidable at over 9 feet; yet David won the battle. Geophysicists are often asked to answer the unknown, or in exploration to find the impossible. As the GSH Treasurer, balancing the budget is a long and hot road, but patience mixed with financial sense and some creativity makes the task doable. The results won’t be as dramatic as Armstrong, Hillary and David however, a healthy budget in these trying times is impressive.

Corporately, with other Board members, we are doing what is needed to balance the budget and work within cashflow. In the past 10 months we have focused on restructuring to reduce duplication and expenses while increasing income and efficiencies. Budget decisions are valuated daily to ensure the facilities and events provide the best value to our employers, the exceptional GSH members.

In 2022, the board consolidated locations, trimmed expenses, tried new creative and challenging ideas and worked hard to provide the members an outstanding return on their investment. Come and visit the new office location at the GSH GeoCenter at 1970 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, the same location as The Sheriff Library, Outreach Conference Room and the Museum (work in progress- opening 1.1.23). The GSH GeoCenter is literally the social center for the Society, a foundation to the present industry and the setting for the future.

The events planned for 2022-2023 are underway, providing members with great breakfast and lunch hour technical talks, the Fall Forum on Machine Learning, a Spring Symposium, and numerous social events to ‘meet and greet’ your fellow members during open houses and more. Come out and join us for a full calendar of events, updated and listed at www.gshtx.org, there is sure to be something for everyone. Entertain sponsoring the Society on an annual basis, renewing your membership and recruiting new members.

The GSH GeoCenter facilities are open, and we would be happy to give you a tour. See all that the GSH has to offer and the many places that you can volunteer within the organization.

So where are we currently with the budget? A great question. The board is pleased to inform the members that the budget has been healthy and positive for the last 4 months! Some of the restructuring seeds that were planted in January 2022 are starting to bear fruit illustrating a healthy budget while continuing to provide events and benefits to the members. We are committed to stewarding the GSH budget forward to deliver a remarkable future for the Geophysical Society of Houston. 

Bio: Rene’ Mott received her B.S. (1982) in Geophysics, and a Masters (1996) in Sedimentology from University of Texas at Dallas. Her career started at Unocal Houston in the Gulf of Mexico in interpretation for Federal OCS lease sales. Her current position at Enervest, Ltd, as Senior Geophysical Advisor is working on onshore exploiting oil and gas fields with an integrated team of Geologists, Petrophysicists and Engineers characterizing reservoirs.

 Her professional areas of interest are Seismic Interpretation and Big Data Analytics. She enjoys the challenge of complex structural and stratigraphic areas, exploiting the waveform for attributes and rock properties to discover new or increased production. She strives to incorporate other data from wells, logs, image logs, thin section, microseismic data, and completions with seismic data into Big Data Analytics for prediction of reservoir character or production. 

She has many publications on topics from Visualization, Interpretation Workflow, Risk Reduction, Seismic Attributes, Azimuthal processing, 5D Interpolation and Reservoir Characterization. She is an active member of SEG, AAPG and local geoscience chapters, HGS and GSH, in Houston, Texas.