CANCELLED-Potential Fields SIG: Residualization of Gravity Anomalies by Geodetic Harmonics*- Nov 16th

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HESS Club (Houston Engr. & Science Society)
5430 Westheimer
Houston, TX  77056

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Speaker: E. Stephen Erck PhD, Consultant, Geordinates Inc.

A sequel to REGIONALIZATION OF GRAVITY ANOMALIES BY GEODETIC HARMONICS given by the same presenter March 17, 2016, the theory of geodetic (spherical and ellipsoidal) harmonic global geopotential models for determination of the regional (long wavelength) components of gravity anomalies is summarily reviewed. The Multiquadric numerical solution to the (harmonic) Laplacian Equation in geodetic coordinates supplements this spectrum more locally to avoid computational limitations of the global models Legendre Functions. More applicably onshore, tests of Multiquadric fits of diagnostically-selected stations of total wavelength gravity anomaly data yield regionals and residuals more representitative (by 30% and 36%) of optimally-drillderived data. Therefore all evaluations increase accuracy of such residual-based anomaly inversions to concur with the superior geophysical objectivity of geodetic harmonics over more subjective conventional methods.

Speaker Biography: E. Stephen Erck PhD, Consultant, Geordinates Inc.
Steve has provided professional geoscientific operations, research and development for 37 years primarily as a geophysicist and geodesist. After a B.S. from Purdue University in 1981, he entered upstream oil and gas for Superior Oil and Mobil Oil Exploration and Producing Southeast Inc. Mostly defense navigation software development followed his 1989 M.S. from Iowa State University. After a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in
2004, he then resumed prospect generation with Coastline Exploration Inc. before more potential fields work for Fugro Gravity and Magnetic Services until consulting starting 2011 for Geordinates.

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11/16/2017 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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