Data Proc & Acqui SIG: Image domain mute for post-critical energy attenuation in wave based migrations*-Mar 13th

Data Processing & Acquisition SIG
Sponsored by Schlumberger
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Q Auditorium

10001 Richmond Avenue 
Houston TX 77042 USA

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Speaker: Cintia Lapilli, WesternGeco
Co-author: Dmitry Kulakov

Post critical components of seismic records carry valid information about the subsurface, but due to the complexity of these components they are usually removed for structural imaging by muting them in standard seismic processing. Such mutes, when carried out in the data domain, become rapidly cumbersome and time consuming for complex high-impedance contrast geobodies. In this talk we propose a new method consisting of a mute in the image domain, improving the stacked images and greatly simplifying pre-processing stages and reducing turnaround time.
As a result, images of high-impedance-contrasts are more adequate for structural imaging, interpretation and inversion. Applications to a Gulf of Mexico dataset illustrates this newly proposed technique.
Speaker Biography: Cintia Lapilli, WesternGeco
Cintia Lapilli received her PhD degree in Physics in the field of Condensed Matter Theory from the University of Missouri, Columbia (2006). Cintia then joined WesternGeco, Schlumberger where she is a Research Scientist working in the imaging research group (2006-present). Her work focuses on several imaging and illumination problems including wave-equation migration and propagation, polar-tilted (TI) and orthorhombic anisotropy, wave-equation illumination, and imaging with multiples. 
Time Schedule:
4:30 PM – sign-in, social time
5:00 PM – start of presentation
6:00 PM - close of meeting


3/13/2018 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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