*Rock Physics SIG: Estimating Elastic Properties of Phyllosilicate Minerals Including Clay - Oct 9th

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Speaker: Venkatesh Anantharamu, Ikon Science

The orientation distribution of the platelets of the phyllosilicate minerals, including mica clays, significantly affects the elastic velocities and anisotropy of shales. Despite a substantial number of publications on shale elasticity in general and, more specifically, on the elastic properties of clay minerals (phyllosilicates) and clay mineral aggregates with varying degree of the platelet preferred orientation, our understanding of these properties is still rather limited. Elastic properties of mudrocks, influenced by the presence of variously oriented phyllosilicates, such as muscovite, illite, and illite/smectite platelets, are well-constrained, but not accurately estimated, by a combination of experimental/field observations and empirical rock physics models for conventional shale. The orientation distribution data from published literature is used to relate the maximum platelet pole density to the double median orientation angle 2τ with respect to the bedding plane. The latter is a much more intuitive orientation distribution parameter, which we rely upon in a heuristic approach to model bedding-normal anisotropic elastic moduli and P- and S-wave velocities of zero-porosity clay (matrix) aggregates as a function of the median orientation angle. Finally, it is demonstrated that zero-porosity mica and clay aggregates with perfect platelet alignment (2τ = 0?) and dominated by illite should have the bedding-normal elastic moduli of C33 = 30.0±1.0 GPa, C44 = 7.3±0.2 GPa, and VP/VS ratio of approximately 2.0±0.07. The bedding-normal moduli and mineral density of muscovite are significantly greater than those of illite, whereas the respective moduli of illite/smectite-dominated clay composite are significantly smaller than those estimated for illite-dominated clays. 

Speaker Biography: Venkatesh Anantharamu, Ikon Science
Venki has an undergraduate degree in Mining Engineering from NITK, India and a Masters in Geophysics from the University of Houston. He joined Ikon Science in 2014. He is a QI specialist focusing on rock physics and inversion. He has worked in a number of unconventional Quantitative Interpretation and reservoir characterization projects in the Permian Basin of North America.

In his free time, Venki likes to do hip hop and Bollywood dancing, play badminton and go for long hikes in the mountains. 

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