West Tech Lunch: Water Avoidance, Landing, and Sweetspotting Solutions for the Permian Basin:* ... - Oct 23rd

Complete Title: Water Avoidance, Landing, and Sweetspotting Solutions for the Permian Basin: The Role of Surface Seismic

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Speaker: David Paddock, WesternGeco
Co-Authors: Dianna Shelander, Sagnik Dasgupta, David Ng, Andy Walz, Carol Boyd, and Vasudhaven Sudhakar

Twenty-two Delaware Basin Wolfcamp “A” lateral wells within the area of Reeves County with the highest lease cost were examined for profitability.  Their seismic attributes were examined for associated causality.  A B30 (best 30 days of production) cutoff of 15,000 barrels was determined and used as a breakeven metric.  Only ten of the 22 wells passed that hurdle.

Poor wells were found to be afflicted by one or more of the following:  landing 200 feet or more too low, fracking into poor reservoir, and/or producing excessive water associated with faulting either above or below the Wolfcamp “A” target stratigraphic level.  Use of the seismic data would mitigate the risk of landing too low to hydraulically fracture up into the reservoir.  Seismic data could also be used to predict the adequacy of reservoir quality.  Finally, surface seismic data could be used to detect the risk of faults that can bring water from either above or below the lateral.  The use of seismic data was found to be a crucial tool for ensuring economic success in the Wolfcamp play.

Speaker Biography: David Paddock, WesternGeco
David Paddock is a scientific advisor in WesternGeco’s North American Onshore Multiclient Exploration team.  He has consulted on dozens of unconventional development projects throughout North America as well as in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.  A baby boomer, Dave has only had two employers, ARCo for 18 years and now Schlumberger for 17 years in their Consulting and Geophysical product lines.  Dave has won Best Speaker Award at AAPG’s Southwest Section meeting, has had talks selected for SEG’s Best of AAPG session, and has two silver medals and two bronze medals from Schlumberger’s Performed by Schlumberger program (an internal project success recognition program).  He holds an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and both a masters degree in geology and a bachelor of science degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University.  He is recognized by industry as the leading expert in Ant Tracking, a detailed seismic fault identification application widely utilized, particularly in the development of unconventional resources.

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10/23/2018 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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