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Complete Title: Velocity for Pore Pressure Prediction Modeling: Before and While Drilling Calibration and Pitfalls.    Sponsored by CGG and Ikon Science
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Speaker: Selim S. Shaker, Geopressure Analysis Services

Predictions of pore pressure using seismic velocity (Vp) before drilling and sonic slowness (Δt) while drilling are vital for the entire drilling program appraisal. The subsurface geological development, from deposition, compaction to entrapment greatly impacts the pore pressure partitions. In fluvial and deltaic marine environment velocity, as a porosity index, drifts as a consequence of these partitions. The current known velocity – pore pressure transformation models are lacking this relationship, especially in the so called normally pressured section.  

The purpose of this study is to establish the seismic velocity – pore pressure modeling alliance above the top of geopressure and consequently apply the correct algorithm’s calculation in the deeper over-pressured section. This new approach reduces the challenges of the shallow water flow (SWF), setting casing and mud programs at the appropriate depths and reduces the risk of kicks and loss of circulation during drilling. 

Briefly, the presentation elaborates on interval velocity’s drift with subsurface pressure compartmentalization. It demonstrates the impact of PP prediction’s application on drilling prognoses. Moreover, methods of calibrating the before drilling seismic model with real time measurements and possible pitfalls are discussed.
Biography: Selim S. Shaker, Geopressure Analysis Services
Selim S. Shaker is a Consulting Geoscientist for Geopressure Analysis Services Inc. (G.A.S). He received a BSc, MSc and PhD in Geology from ASU, Egypt. He also received a diploma in Hydrogeology from Prague University (UNESCO).

He started his career in Egypt as a well-site, stratigrapher and structural geologist. During his 30 years of U.S. domestic service his main function as Exploration Geologist was prospects generation in offshore Gulf of Mexico.

After retiring from Phillips Petroleum Co. in the year 2000, he consulted for Knowledge System Inc.(KSI) to collaborate on building their pore pressure DrillWork software and finalizing the DEA-119 and several abroad projects (4 years). He established G.A.S. to focus on pore-fracture pressure prediction, evaluating prospects' risk, geopressure compartmentalization, seal integrity, and salt-sediments interaction impact on leads and prospects worldwide, especially in the Gulf of Mexico. 
He has taught several geopressure courses to the AAPG, SEG, HGS, SCA and multiple In-House courses for domestic and abroad clients. He is an active member of AAPG, SEG, CSEG, SPE, AADE, HGS and GSH. He was the Chair of the pore pressure session AAPG 2014 and a convener of the AAPG Deepwater Geoscience Workshops 2010-2016. 

Dr. Shaker has published 46 papers and articles regarding the application of geopressure in exploration and drilling.  His paper “New approach to pore pressure prediction” was awarded the GORDON I. ATWATER award, GCAGS 2015 Annual Convention.


5/3/2017 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM

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