*Unconventional SIG: The Unconventional Revolution in Exploration Geophysics - Feb 7th

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*** The GSH is proud to announce the formation of a new Special Interest Group called the Unconventional SIG. This new SIG aims to provide a forum for discussion of any technology or workflow or case study having to do with unconventional oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and production, with an emphasis on geophysics and how it can be integrated with other disciplines such as geology and engineering.

The Unconventional SIG is being sponsored by TGS and will meet in their office building on Clay Rd, just off of the Beltway north of I-10. It will meet every other month, alternating with the Microseismic SIG.

For information or speaker suggestions, please contact Scott Singleton, scott.singleton@comcast.net

Speaker: Nancy House, President Society of Exploration Geophysicists 2017-2018 

3D seismic imaging revolutionized hydrocarbon exploration providing a robust picture of the subsurface. Higher prices enabled expensive technologies and investments development of previously uneconomic deposits.  The balance between development and the market value of the gas or oil is critical.   Recent advances in 3D seismic allow interpreters to map areas of higher productivity, and identify bypassed reserves. MicroSeismic mapping has made completion more ef?cient and safer.  Geophysical data is now an accepted early development tool of successful oil and gas companies.

Figure 1  Geobodies extracted from semblance attribute displayed with wellbores and Microseismic event epicenters.

By extending AVO to the pre-stack domain, it's possible to simultaneously invert for Vp, Vs and density. Armed with these three fundamental rock properties that dictate elastic and inelastic rock response, researchers were able to combine those properties to tie directly to how well a rock will respond to hydraulic fracturing, or which rocks contain a higher TOC, or other rock properties that control how a rock responds to seismic waves or hydraulic fracturing. Currently hundreds of different seismic attributes that are generated from 3D seismic data are used to identify the highest productive areas and how to develop them.

Speaker Biography: Nancy House, President Society of Exploration Geophysicists 2017-2018

Nancy House, a member of SEG for 40 years, has worked as a geophysicist for multinational corporations (Exxon, Phillips Petroleum, Mobil, Encana and Chevron) and small independent oil companies primarily as an interpreter for onshore and offshore US, South America and Africa (West and East), and other areas. She is currently owner of Integrated Geophysical Interpretation Inc. in Littleton, Colorado.

Remain engaged in SEG and continually learning emerging technologies throughout her career allowed participation in varied, challenging and interesting projects worldwide. This provided not only experience in petroleum geophysics but particularly in the delicate balance between science and economics in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. She is second-generation petroleum geoscientist growing up in Wyoming, Colorado of the US, South America and Singapore. She has a BA in Geology/Geophysics from the University of Wyoming, an MSc in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines, and did additional postgraduate work at Colorado School of Mines in Reservoir Characterization, Economics and Geophysics (2000-2002).

As President of SEG 2017-2018 she has focused on leading the SEG in strategic planning and implementation of strategies in a safe and sustainable manner while exposing the social contribution of geophysics globally. With continued dedication of staff and volunteers SEG will continue to provide knowledge, guidance and support to generations of Exploration Geophysicists around the world.



2/7/2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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