Unconventional SIG: An Integrated Data Analytics / Seismic Fault Attribute / Petrophysics Workflow for ...- Dec 5th

Complete Title: An Integrated Data Analytics / Seismic Fault Attribute / Petrophysics Workflow for Diagnosing and Mitigating Excess Water Production in the Permian Basin    Sponsored by TGS

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Speaker: David Paddock, Schlumberger 
Co Authors: Sergey Makarychev-Mikhailov1, Vasudhaven Sudhakar1, David Paddock1, Ryan Williams1, Erik Rylander1, and Dean Willberg1,
1 Schlumberger

Produced water is a major operational expense increasing the total cost of production for Permian basin assets.  All Wolfcamp and Bone Spring wells produce some water, even under ideal conditions.  This water is necessary for hydrocarbon production, and, in some sense, can be considered “good” water.  However, many wells produce excess water – increasing operating costs with no incremental oil production – due to fracture completions intersecting water bearing faults, or due to the lateral being inadvertently landed in a high water-cut zone.  How does one know if the observed water production is “good” and necessary for oil production, or excessive leading to higher production costs?  How can one preemptively avoid excess water production hazards on new wells by optimizing well placement, completion strategy and hydraulic fracturing designs?  The good news is that water production hazards can be identified proactively, and technologies exist to avoid these features on future wells.

This paper demonstrates an integrated workflow employing data analytics, seismic fault attributes, and petrophysical analysis to identify and avoid excess water production hazards in the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring formations.  It combines joint analysis of well production data, 3D seismic data and wireline logs.  The workflow creates value by reducing water management costs.

Speaker Biography: David Paddack, Schlumberger
David Paddock is a scientific advisor in WesternGeco’s North American Onshore Unconventionals Exploration team.  He has consulted on dozens of unconventional development projects throughout North America as well as in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.  A baby boomer, Dave has had only two employers, ARCo for 18 years and now Schlumberger for 19 years in their Consulting and Geophysical product lines.  Dave has won Best Speaker Award at AAPG’s Southwest Section meeting, has had talks selected for SEG’s Best of AAPG session, and has two silver medals and two bronze medals from Schlumberger’s Performed by Schlumberger program (an internal project success recognition program).  He holds an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and both a masters degree in geology (with a geophysics option) and a bachelor of science degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University.  He is recognized by industry as the leading expert in Ant Tracking, a detailed seismic fault identification application widely utilized, particularly in the development of unconventional resources.



12/5/2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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