Potential Fields SIG: Measuring Gravity at the Nano level in the field with an Absolute Quantum Gravimeter- Jan 21st

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Speaker:  Jean Lautier-Gaud, Muquans

After three decades of worldwide academic research, gravity sensing based on quantum physics has reached a remarkable degree of maturity [1, 2]. One can now order and operate quantum gravimeters in the field without any prior knowledge on lasers or quantum science, as turn-key devices.

I will first describe in a simple way the most common quantum gravimeters, how they work and provide a measurement of the acceleration of the Earth’s gravity g. We will also discuss how they compare with respect to classical gravimeters.

Secondly, I will introduce the Absolute Quantum Gravimeter (AQG) which is an industry-grade commercial gravimeter that is said to be the most advanced device of its type. We will review its measurement performances and I will show practical examples of applications and operation worldwide. 

The ensemble of results of the AQG today validates the feasibility to operate a quantum gravimeter as a mobile turn-key device but also the ease of use and the robustness of the technology. This work paves the way to practical investigation of both spatial and temporal gravity variations at the µGal level in both laboratory and field conditions [3].

[1] A. Peters et al., “Measurement of gravitational acceleration by dropping atoms”, Nature, 400 849-852 (1999)
[2] F. Pereira dos Santos, S. Bonvalot, "Cold-atom absolute gravimetry", Encyclopedia of Geodesy, pp 1-6 (2016)
[3] V. Ménoret et al., “ Gravity measurements below 10−9 g with a transportable absolute quantum gravimeter ”, Nature Scientific Report, 8:12300 (2018)
[4] A.K. Cooke et al., “Evaluation of the capacities of a field absolute quantum gravimeter”, GIMD, EGU (2020)

Left: picture of the Absolute Quantum Gravimeter (AQG) successfully deployed on Mount Etan volcano.
Right: example of a 1-month long continuous gravity data set recorded with the AQG

Speaker Biography: Jean Lautier-Gaud, Muquans
Jean Lautier-Gaud, MBA, PhD, conducted his research in applied Quantum Physics in the field of high-precision measurements at LNE-SYRTE laboratory (Observatory of Paris), the French National Metrological Institute for Time & Frequency. He worked on simplifying cold atom quantum physics experimental set-ups, in order to facilitate their utilization outside of laboratories and transfer these technologies to Industry. He developed a compact atom accelerometer dedicated to on-field measurements and a ground-breaking technique to efficiently reject ground vibration noise, the major source of noise of quantum gravimeters.. After an MBA degree, Dr Jean Lautier-Gaud is now Muquans Director of Business Development.



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1/21/2021 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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