Rock Physics SIG: An Open Discussion on Closed Retort-Pore Space and Flued Analysis ... - Mar 6th

Complete Title:  An Open Discussion on Closed Retort - Pore Space and Fluid Analysis, Power  River and Permian Basin Examples     Sponsored by Ikon Science.

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Meeting Location this month:
Ikon Science
12140 Wickchester Lane, Suite 400
Houston TX 77079

Speaker: Jadranka Milovac, GeoMark Research

A methodology was developed to address known challenges related to core measurements in tight unconventional reservoirs specifically for characterizing pore space and its content. This methodology integrates several measurement procedures, including thermal extraction (retort) followed by chemical extraction, NMR, and geochemical analysis, to provide porosity, saturation, and quantified characterization of organic matter (TOC). We outline how this methodology compares to other established industry techniques for porosity and saturation measurements in tight rocks (GRI, TRA, etc.)  and what new insight it offers in understanding pore space and rock-fluid interactions. Additionally, extracted fluids are captured during thermal extraction within a closed chamber and used for further geochemical characterization. This collection provides significant value in context of produced fluids and reservoir monitoring (production allocation and time lapse geochemistry).

We will illustrate the application of this workflow using two case studies. Our first application is from the Niobrara formation, Powder River Basin and discusses the results of heating experiments made possible by the described methodology. In our second application, the method is applied to both preserved and unpreserved Wolfcamp core in the Permian basin, and results are discussed highlighting advantages and limitations. Our initial findings are encouraging and show useful information from an unpreserved core in tight rocks.

Speaker Biography: Jadranka Milovac, GeoMark Research
Jadranka Milovac is a Petrophysical Advisor with GeoMark Research. Her current role relates to TruSat methodology application, client support and data integration. She has 15+ years of experience in petrophysics in conventional and unconventional reservoirs worldwide. Most of her career she spent with Marathon Oil, within the Technology group, providing support to numerous asset teams - US and international. She has technical expertise in petrophysics - including integrated reservoir studies; rock physics and AVO, with an educational background in geophysics and geology. She holds M.Sc. degree in Geophysics from University of Houston.

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3/6/2024 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Central Standard Time

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