Data Proc & Acqui SIG: Uncovering Permian Unconventional Resources With High Density Seismic - Dec 10th

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Speaker: Anastasia Poole, WesternGeco

Although simultaneous vibroseis acquisition techniques were introduced a decade ago, these methods are not commonly used in the Permian Basin. Slow take on high-productivity techniques is related to obstructions, permitting, and the amount of extra noise introduced in the data that potentially has a very negative impact on seismic data quality in already challenging geological settings. This combined with the restricted nodal channel count and the requirement to image from very shallow (1000 – 3000 ft) to deep (160000 ft plus) puts significant limitations on the future seismic survey designs.

During this talk Anastasia will discuss the first commercial application of the new simultaneous-source acquisition technique where interference was managed in time and frequency domains through encoded dynamic sweep allocation, resulting in minimal seismic source interference noise after the correlation process. No additional deblending was required as part of the data preparation for production processing, minimizing the processing effort required and reducing the overall timeline of the project while producing a data set of superior resolution, both in shallow and deep water in comparison to the data acquired in the area previously.

Speaker Biography: Anastasia Poole, WesternGeco
Anastasia Poole is a Geophysics Lead for WesternGeco in North America providing a technical oversight of land seismic acquisition and all seismic processing projects for WesternGeco Houston Land Multiclient as well as Calgary and Denver Discovery centres.

Previously Anastasia was based in Gatwick as a Principal Geophysicist providing assistance in testing and rolling out of new technologies for WesternGeco Land operations worldwide as well as advanced testing and commercialization support of new land time processing technologies providing advice, leadership and technical support to WesternGeco Geosolutions covering Middle East (MEA) and Europe and North Africa (EAF) regions. 

She started her career in oil in gas industry back in 2001 as a summer intern working for Gazprom in Russia. In 2004 graduating from Moscow State University with MSc in geology she joined WesternGeco Land seismic crew in Egypt as a field geophysicist.  During last 15 years Anastasia worked with various types of seismic data acquisition: Land 2D, 3D and Ocean Bottom Cable, covering the full range of data types and from many different settings around the world, having lived and worked in Middle East, Australia and Europe.  

Anastasia has number of publications covering various aspects of seismic survey design  and modelling, acquisition and processing.

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4:30 PM – sign-in, social time
5:00 PM – start of presentation
6:00 PM - close of meeting


12/10/2019 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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