Rock Physics SIG: Understanding Uncertainties in Digital Rock Technology* - Mar 7th

Dec 2nd - Rock Physics SIG: Effective pressure revisited, or what is the effect of capillary pressur
Sponsored by CGG and Ikon Science
Event Location:
10300 Town Park Dr.
Houston, TX  77072

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5:15pm Refreshments
5:30pm Presentation Begins
6:30pm Adjourn

Speakers: Nishank Saxena and Ronny Hofmann, Shell

Digital rock technology is rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field with many promises, including fast turnaround times for core analysis, repeatable analysis, and multiphysics simulation. In this talk we present our study of the uncertainties associated with the different steps using digital images to simulate rock properties. Two of the main factor impacting the simulation results are image conditioning, acquisition and segmentation, and the choice of solvers used. 

We show results of image segmentation threshold and image voxel size on image-computed permeability, elastic moduli, and electrical conductivity. Improved quantitative understanding of uncertain from simulations is critically important when comparing laboratory-measured rock properties with those computed on digital images of rocks. 


3/7/2018 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM

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