ONLINE Tech Event: Automatic Well Tying: Using Well Information in Seismic Processing -Jul 15th

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Speaker: Gary Margrave, TGS 

While seismic data processing has a rich history, the use of well information in processing is relatively uncommon. Usually well tying is performed at the exploration office after the processing is completed using highly interactive software. This means that the valuable information about phase misties and crosscorrelation values rarely feeds back into the processing flow even though these statistics have direct implications for the quality of the processing. We have begun a project to bring well tying directly into the data processing flow such that a suite of wells can be repeatedly tied to the data at various stages of the processing to document the quality of the image being constructed. Initial design criteria call for the development of automatic (i.e. not interactive) tying of any number of wells using time-variant crosscorrelation and other signal processing concepts. I will describe the automatic well tying algorithm and its physical basis in constant Q theory. I will also demonstrate the technique using both synthetic data and real data from West Texas.

Speaker Biography: Gary Margrave, TGS
Gary Margrave is Professor Emeritus (Geophysics) at the University of Calgary and Principal Research Geophysicist (Calgary) for TGS.  After earning his PhD from the University of Alberta (1980) he began his career in industry with 15 years at Chevron before moving to the University of Calgary for the next 20 years.  Since retiring from the U of C in 2015, he has worked at Devon and now at TGS.  His 40 year career, split equally between academia and industry, enables a unique perspective on exploration seismic technology.

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7/15/2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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