*Potential Fields SIG: Energy Flow in Terrestrial Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Responses ... - Mar 21st

Complete Title: Energy Flow in Terrestrial Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Responses in the Presence of Steel Infrastructure


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The Black Lab Pub
4100 Montrose
Houston, TX  77006

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Speaker: Mark Everett, Texas A&M

Visualizations of the flow of electromagnetic energy based on the time-averaged Poynting vector have yielded important and sometimes counter-intuitive physical insights in the case of electric circuits containing resistors and inductors. Less well-understood is the flow of electromagnetic energy in spatially contiguous media excited by grounded sources. It is important for geophysical interpreters to recognize how buried geological structures and steel infrastructure shape controlled-source electromagnetic responses measured at the surface. It is demonstrated herein using energy flow visualizations how a resistive layer impeding vertical electric current flow will produce a larger anomalous response to grounded-source excitation at Earth's surface than an equivalent conductive layer. Some effects of steel infrastructure on energy flow will be examined, with implications for quantitative interpretation of measured CSEM responses by explorationists and engineers at unconventional oilfields and construction sites.

Speaker Biography: Mark Everett, Texas A&M 
Dr Mark E. Everett is Howard Karren Endowed Professor and Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Texas A&M. He specializes in near-surface applied geophysics, in particular electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic methods including EM induction (EMI) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR). He has been a faculty member at Texas A&M since 1995 and has supervised (chaired) the dissertation research of 10 PhD students and the thesis research of more than 25 MS students. He has authored the textbook Near-Surface Applied Geophysics published in 2013 by Cambridge University Press, and is currently a co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Applied Geophysics. He received his PhD in 1991 from the University of Toronto under Prof. Nigel Edwards in the area of marine controlled-source electromagnetics at the mid-ocean ridge. He did post-doctoral studies at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and University of Cambridge and has been a visiting professor at ETH Zurich and Khon Kaen University in Thailand. Dr. Everett is a licensed professional geoscientist, with geophysics specialty, holding State of Texas Licence No. 5141.

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3/21/2019 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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