Data Proc and Acqui SIG: Near Surface Distortion of Land Seismic Data: Implications for ... - Feb 8th

Complete Title: Near Surface Distortion of Land Seismic Data: Implications for Reservoir Characterization

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Speaker: Christof Stork, Land Seismic Noise Specialists

Several physical processes in the near surface can cause significant amplitude and phase distortion of the land seismic signal.  Conventional seismic processing only corrects for some of these distortions.  The remaining distortions will cause artifacts with the prestack seismic attributes, impedance inversion, and reservoir characterization.   This distortion is possibly one cause for why land seismic reservoir characterization has inconsistent results.  We demonstrate the artifacts and present possible solutions.  

Speaker Biography: Christof Stork, Land Seismic Noise Specialists
Christof Stork started as a theoretical academic (Ph.D. in geophysics from Caltech) and eventually learned that theory has limited value with messy land seismic data.   As a result, Christof now considers himself to be more of an experimental data geophysicist than a theorist.  You can still find surprising factors of 10x in the data.  Along the way, Christof has been involved with 4 startup companies in his quest to stay in Denver and make theory commercially viable.  Most startups were successful but stressful--2 of these startups had a measurable $1 billion benefit for industry but little benefit to himself.  He's now on his 5th and last and craziest startup company, a land seismic processing company, so he can work with more messy land seismic data.

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2/8/2022 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Central Standard Time

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