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Complete Title: Use of CSEM in Exploration: Case examples illustrating the integration of CSEM seismic observations in various geological settings with the aim of increasing exploration success

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HESS Club (Houston Engr. & Science Society)
5430 Westheimer
Houston, TX  77056

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Speaker: Valente Ricoy, EMGS

The use of Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM) surveys has evolved significantly over the last decade.  The progression has advanced from two-dimensional workflows to three-dimensional integrated studies. CSEM methodologies for acquisition and processing began as attribute analysis of anomalies on 2D profiles and progressed to fully integrated 3D processing, multi-azimuth CSEM inversions, and integration with seismic interpretation workflows.  

After conducting nearly 800 surveys in different geologic settings around the world, in many of the most important offshore basins (Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and others), EMGS has gained significant experience which has enabled us to enhance the understanding of geological processes using results from both seismic data and CSEM resistivity derived. This understanding has enabled EMGS to carry out risk assessments, resulting in technical and economic successes, as well as to develop workflows that help E&P operators determine when EM data will benefit their exploration efforts and how to extract exploration information from the integration of seismic and CSEM.

EMGS will present key case examples of deep water turbidite geological settings with strong stratigraphic trapping mechanisms and those with structural trapping mechanisms.  The presentation will also illustrate how CSEM has helped exploration success in rotated fault blocks settings, improved understanding of fluid type distributions, and through observations derived from seismic and resistivity, enhanced understanding of seal character to differentiate exploration areas of high vs. low risk in seal capacity.

The aim is to demonstrate how through the integration of CSEM with seismic and geological information, exploration understanding can be enhanced, while into consideration that CSEM and seismic are complementary and independent earth measurements whose results should converge to a common geological model.  By carrying out a successful integration of data the chances of exploration success are significantly achived.

Speaker Biography: Valente Ricoy, EMGS
Valente is a 3D seismic and CSEM interpretation expert and has led integrated interpretation projects for play evaluation and prospect maturation in the deep water Mexico basins since 2011. He holds a PhD (2005) in structural geology and basin analysis from Cardiff University, UK, and a BSc (1996) in geology from the University of Texas San Antonio, USA. He joined EMGS in Mexico as Exploration Advisor in 2012 providing interpretation services to Pemex for their deep water exploration program. Prior to joining EMGS, Valente held various senior technical positions in the field of 3D seismic interpretation and geology at Envision and Statoil, Norway, and the Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico. He has broad geographic experience in diverse petroleum systems including faulted rift basins, salt tectonics, carbonates, deep water settings

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3/23/2017 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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