GSH Volunteer

With over 100 events a year, the GSH offers unparalleled opportunities to volunteer and
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Outstanding GSH Volunteer

Lisa Buckner was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  She is a third-generation Aggie, graduating from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in geophysics.  Then she went to work for Western Geophysical in Houston where she performed land data processing and AVO processing.  She completed a Master of Science degree in geophysics at the University of Houston.  Then she went to work for Chevron in New Orleans where she was a Petroleum Geophysicist.  While in New Orleans, after leaving ChevronTexaco, she was a  seismic data processor on contract through Collarini Energy Staffing for Shell.  An event called Hurricane Katrina brought Lisa back to her roots in Texas, where she went to work for Hess Corporation.  Lisa is still with Hess and is currently an IT Subsurface Computing Advisor on the Central Data Management Team in seismic data loading. Lisa is married to T.J. Bronsberg-Adas and has a stepson, Andrew Bronsberg.

At first Lisa joined the Museum Committee.  Lisa also served several years on the GSH-HGS Geoscience Day Committee and the GSH-SEG Spring Symposium Committee.  Recently, Lisa completed a term as the First Vice President of the GSH, where she oversaw the many technical events held by the GSH.  While working on the Museum Committee, Lisa nurtured her passion of working with our youth, by proposing to the GSH Board of Directors that we start an outreach program.  The Board agreed, and even while carrying out her other GSH duties, Lisa started the GSH Outreach Program and has led that effort ever since as the Outreach Committee Chair.

The GSH Outreach Committee's mission is to educate K-12 students, parents, educators, and the general public by demonstrating geological and geophysical concepts and scientific methods.  This mission, in serving our community, has become an important objective of the GSH and is a critical component of its 501(c)(3) status.  The initiation, growth, and success of this program is due to Lisa and her leadership, and her effort has been recognized by the GSH by honoring Lisa with Life Membership in 2012 and the President's Award in 2016, both in recognition of her exceptional meritorious services to the Society.