GSH Volunteer

With over 100 events a year, the GSH offers unparalleled opportunities to volunteer and
network with like-minded people.

Outstanding GSH Volunteer

Unlike what seems to be the norm for most of our profession, Nicola Maitland was born and raised in Houston.  In fact, her ancestors have been in Texas as far back as 1825 through the Stephen F Austin land grants. Her great great grandfather even had a dairy farm off of Dairy Ashford, near what is now the office of the GSH.  Nicola attended Sam Houston State University where she received a BA in Mass Communications.  After obtaining her degree she worked several years in sales.  In 2010 she was hired by Resolve Geosciences in a sales and marketing position.  At Resolve she was introduced to geophysics and gained great admiration for the field; she is currently the Client Training and Support Manager for Resolve.  Nicola trains geophysical clients how to use Resolve's software for the analysis and interpretation of seismic attributes while maintaining her sales role. 

Nicola shares her passion for the oil and gas business with her husband, Graeme Maitland, who works for Schlumberger.  They have been married for 4 1/2 years now.

Nicola joined the GSH shortly after going to work for Resolve Geosciences.  She immediately started attending technical and social events.  At our annual Icebreaker, she was conversing with Sofia Campbell, who, at the time, was the Volunteer Coordinator for the GSH.  Wanting to get involved, Nicola volunteered and helped Sofia with the sign in tables at the lunches, Symposium, and Awards Banquets.  When Sofia became 1st Vice President of the GSH, she invited Nicola to assume the role of Volunteer Coordinator in 2014.  This Coordinator position has grown and now helps provide volunteers for the almost 100 GSH technical and social events throughout the year.  Nicola's value to the GSH was quickly recognized and has grown yet further.  In 2016-17 Nicola served as Secretary and on the Board of Directors.  Nicola has also served on several GSH Committees, such as the Advertising Committee and the Symposium Committee.  She has also worked the GSH booth at Nape and other events, encouraging membership in the GSH.  Nicola is the current Chair and co-founder of the GSH Diversity and Women's Networking Group that was founded in 2015.