GSH Volunteer

With over 100 events a year, the GSH offers
unparalleled opportunities to volunteer
and network with like-minded people.

Outstanding GSH Volunteer

The many social and technical opportunities offered by the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) for the geophysical profession of Houston and beyond are due largely to many dedicated volunteers.  The GSH wants to recognize some of these dedicated volunteers:

Scott Singleton was born and raised in California, where his father was in the aerospace industry.  After graduating from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in 1979 with a BS in Geophysics, he spent the next five years as a doodlebugger in marine acquisition and processing for Western Geophysical, Seiscom Delta, and Digicom.  Scott then attended Texas A&M University, where he received a MS in Geophysics in 1988.  He then continued his doodlebugging activities in acquisition, processing, and interpretation with Fugro-McClelland Marine Geosciences.  Scott has practiced and developed new processing techniques for several geophysical applications including relative amplitude techniques for AVO analysis, and processing for seismic inversion and rock property analysis.  He has also developed techniques for lithology and fluid prediction.  In 2008, Scott became Vice President of Global Processing and Interpretation for RSI where he was responsible for reservoir characterization project services throughout the company.  With the same company in 2011, he became Seismic Technology Advisor, where he developed an integrated unconventional seismic workflow combining geology, geophysics, petrophysics, rock physics, and engineering techniques.  Beginning in 2012, he worked for ION as their Technical Manager for their multicomponent unconventional program.  Since 2015, he has worked for Independence Resources Management, managing the application of geophysical techniques in the Permian Basin.

Scott's wife, Eileen, currently works at Rice University as a Biochemistry Lab Manager, and his daughter attends Rice where she is studying language and international business.

Like some other GSH volunteers, Scott's initial volunteer efforts for the GSH occurred when he was asked to run as a candidate for a GSH office.  Scott ran and was elected Treasurer in 2005.  His involvement only grew from there.  He was nominated for additional officer positions and was subsequently elected 1st Vice President in 2009 and President in 2012.  During his years as an officer, the GSH benefited greatly from his presence, and he has left a lasting impact on the GSH from his efforts.  Scott was President soon after the GSH separated its office and staff from the Houston Geological Society (HGS), and it was through his extensive efforts, and the efforts of our new staff, that our organization became organized and fully functional as an independently-officed professional organization.  Through his leadership, various GSH committees became more active and helped grow the GSH into the outstanding professional organization that we have today.  For instance, during his presidency, he led the Finance Committee in its development, and it’s becoming much more active in the role of stewardship of the GSH finances. Scott continued to serve on the Finance Committee for several years.

It was after his role as President that Scott's volunteer nature became even more evident.  He continued to offer excellent suggestions for improving various aspects of the GSH.  He went beyond the idea generation mode, and where he thought improvement was needed; he jumped into the middle of the action and helped bring that improvement to fruition.  Scott encourages all our geophysicists to come forward with their ideas on how the GSH can better support our geophysical profession, and then, Scott inspires them to jump in and help deliver the product.  Soon after the GSH Journal was established in 2010, he volunteered and continues to this day as the Technical Article Coordinator, where he solicits and organizes the technical articles for the Journal.  If you have an idea for a good technical article, contact Scott.  Scott currently serves on the GSH Editorial Board that assists the Editor in planning and reviewing the content of Journal issues.  He has been prominent in developing advertising techniques that are increasing the readership of the now-electronic Journal.  Scott has also taken over writing the "Doodlebugger Diary" series in the Journal; check out this series that he took over in February of 2018, and be entertained by the many doodlebugger experiences that he has lived around the world.  Scott also had a keen technical interest in the Microseismic SIG.  And as Scott is prone to do, he did not just attend the SIG technical meetings, he volunteered to help the Microseismic SIG Committee.  Within a year a new chairperson was needed for the Committee, and Scott took over the role.  The newest very exciting GSH SIG is the Unconventional SIG.  Scott saw the need for the GSH to be more involved in this technical area in our industry, so he led the effort in creating this new SIG and assumed the leadership role to help ensure its success.