SEG Student Challenge Bowl

The SEG Challenge Bowl competition is an international contest testing student’s breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of geoscience. The quiz-show format results in intense competition as the contestants attempt to “buzz in” first with the answers to challenging geoscience questions. The contest itself is in the form of a short-answer multiple-choice quiz on topics in the geosciences (geology, geophysics, geography, and some geodesy), as well as some questions about the history of our science and SEG itself. Questions range in difficulty from second or third year undergraduate level to first-year graduate school. All geoscience students are encouraged to participate in this unique event which combines knowledge, competition, and fun.

The SEG first launched the SEG Challenge Bowl program in 2006. Since then, much excitement has been created on campuses in the USA and abroad. Local organizations host regional competitions and the winning teams, consisting of two students each, attend the SEG Annual Meeting and compete in the world championships. The number of teams competing around the globe has exploded from just six teams in 2007 to more than 50 teams in recent years.

Gulf Coast (Regional) CHALLENGE BOWL

The GSH Annual Spring Symposium includes a Regional Competition of the SEG Challenge Bowl. The winning team has their expenses paid to attend the Finals at the SEG Annual Meeting.

Gulf Coast Challenge Bowl Hall of Fame!


University of Texas at El Paso
Erik Urquidi-Delgado

University of Houston
Michael Martinez


University of Houston
Manny Paez
Boming Wu

University of Houston
Carl Buist
Joshua Flores

University of Tulsa
Tianbi Ma
Zhencong Zhou


University of Houston
Joan Marie Blanco
Alexandre Silva

University of Houston
Maria Amirzadeh
Zohreh Souri

University of Houston
Venkatesh Anantharamu
Elita De Abreu

University of Texas
Khushboo Arora
Menal Gupta


Texas A&M University
Brandon Bush
Sireesh Dadi


Rice University
Maximiliano Bezada
Amy Lasseigne


University of Houston
Scott Falconer
Charles Puryear


SEG World Champions are:

2020 - Houston, Texas (on Zoom)
Adam Brudner & Afeez Papoola, University of Toronto
2019 - San Antonio, Texas
Sol Bejaran & Rosario Etchegoyen, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
2018 - Anaheim, California
Santiago Actis & Abelardo Romero, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
2017 -
Houston, Texas
Ian Burron & Parth Pokar, University of Manitoba, Canada
2016 -
Dallas, Texas
Scott Meek and Trevor Tuttle, Brigham Young University, USA
2015 -
New Orleans, Louisiana
Andrey Konkov, Institute of Applied Physics, Moldova & Nizhny Novgorod & Rasesh Saraiya, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
2014 -
Denver, Colorado
Bartosz Gierlach, AGH University of Science & Technology, Poland & Paulina Kotlarek, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
2013 -
Houston, Texas
Tim Haywood & Taras Zaporozan, University of Manitoba, Canada
2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Darragh O’Connor, Dalhousie University & Adrian Smith, University of Calgary, Canada
2011 - San Antonio, Texas
Matt Davis & Forrest Roberts, Brigham Young University, USA
2010 - Denver, Colorado
Jorden Hayes & Amit Padhi, University of Wyoming, USA
2009 - Houston, Texas
Maximiliano Bezada & Amy Lasseigne, Rice University, USA
2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Jason McCrank & Maria Quijada, University of Calgary, Canada
2007 - San Antonio, Texas
Scott Falconer & Charles Puryear, University of Houston, USA
2006 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Fabian Domes & Jesus Nunez, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland