Apr 12-13, 2017 GSH-SEG Spring Symposium - Geophysical Acquisition: Advanced Technologies Revealing Challenging Targets*

2016 GSH - SEG Spring Symposium & Exhibition
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Malcolm Lansley and Dave Monk, Honorees

Seismic data acquisition is the backbone of the oil industry, the first step in the sequence of processes that leads to the commercial production of oil and gas. Companies that acquire seismic data have always been challenged to deliver results faster, better, and cheaper.  In today’s eco-friendly environment, we can also add the challenge of being “greener”.  Despite these many challenges, the seismic acquisition industry continues to innovate, and routinely delivers new and improved results at lower costs.  Indeed, this is an industry that exemplifies how new technologies often result in lower costs for the end users.  

The 2017 GSH Spring Symposium will address many of the issues associated with seismic data acquisition as we honor Malcolm Lansley and Dave Monk, pioneers in seismic acquisition (and other geophysical techniques). Malcolm will be one of the first speakers, and will review the evolution of seismic acquisition. Dave will finish the Symposium with a view toward the future, and technologies that are yet to be developed and/or commercially implemented.  Other topics will cover the environmental/governmental landscape, current cutting edge approaches, the user’s view of seismic acquisition, and case studies.  

This symposium is geared towards all geologists and geophysicists whether they are new to the industry or in advanced stages of their career. The aim is to educate all in the basic and advanced techniques used in seismic acquisition and the effect that acquisition has on seismic interpretation. In the current state of the industry, it is our responsibility to stay as sharp and up-to-date as possible so we can make an immediate impact no matter where we are working.

Speakers and Topics include:

Nikki Martin, IAGC - Political Landscape
Malcolm Lansley - Historical Context
John Etgen, BP - Needs of the Interpreter
Sarah Cooke, CVX - Marine Technology Case Study *
Chengbo Li, ConocoPhillips - CSI (compressive sensing) *
Eivind Fromyr, PGS - Multisource/Multicomponent
Nick Moldoveanu, Schlumberger - Point Source/Point Receiver *
John Archer, GOK - Dispersive Source Acquisition
Shuki Ronen, Low Impact Seismic Sources
John Wei, INOVA - Low Frequency Land Sources
Dave Monk, Apache Corp - Future Directions

A Simulcast, featuring 8 of 11 Speakers from the GSH-SEG Spring Symposium
(* indicates who will not be in simulcast)
Duration/Format: 2 full-day simulcast webinar sessions, April 12-13, 2017, 8:45 am to 5:00 pm Central Time (Houston, USA)

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4/12/2017 8:00 AM - 4/13/2017 5:00 PM



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